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TSA check

Have you ever gone through a security TSA check point wearing cock rings, ball stretchers, or a butt plug?
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  • HandballBear
    HandballBear Does wearing a 0g PA count ?
    November 10, 2017 - 1 likes this
  • Kink Kire
    Kink Kire Once. A silicone cockring that didn't register as a Penis Bomb...but I had forgotten about having it on until walking up to the X-ray machine. GULP!
    Jan 6
  • Bearman Bttm Jim
    Bearman Bttm Jim I was wearing a silicone cock ring and a ball stretcher. Of course I didn't go through the metal detector, I went through the X-ray machine. They pulled me aside for "excessive bulge in my groin area". Went into a little room with 2 agents, tol...  more
  • buddyH
    buddyH I showed up at LAX wearing gym shorts and a hoodie with a buttplug installed in my very recently used hole to keep 3 loads of cum and one load of chem-piss safe inside me while I traveled from L.A. to D.C. high and very fucked-up.. also was wearing one si...  more
    Mar 18