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Drank piss from stranger

Have you ever been at a men's club and had a total stranger stick his cock in your mouth and pissed down your throat and you swallowed it all?
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  • Billy Goat
    Billy Goat This hasn't happened to me at a men's club (or anywhere for that matter). But hey, 37% said yes. I'm going to take that to mean I have something to look forward to.
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  • Dick nude
    Dick nude it's an experience i miss
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  • buddyH
    buddyH Twice over the past three months at GHC in D.C. and at least 3 times (I'm not absolutely sure of the count because I was high during most of my visits to the L.A. clubs the last three years I was living in SoCal) at Midtown in L.A. ... Absolutely not a ...  more
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  • fisting mike
    fisting mike I've pissed in my old play partners ass and drank it from him a couple of times. Loved it, but then I'm just a slutty pig whore. Lol!
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