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Community Guidelines

As a member and participant in the ButtSwap community, you agree to act in accordance with the community guidelines that follow. For a full recitation of the rules for use of the ButtSwap site, refer to the User Agreement.


In exchange for your compliance with our community guidelines, ButtSwap's Support Team is committed to nurturing a respectful, fun and lawful environment where lively discussions relating to friendship, relationship and sex are celebrated and honored, and where appropriate action will be taken against reported violations of this safe haven.


Don't Be Afraid

ButtSwap is a community dedicated to providing a conversational safe haven -- an online world where you can openly discuss issues relating to friendship, relationship and sex.


Keeping Quiet Is Okay

Just like any community, at ButtSwap every member has a different way of approaching new people. If you are not the forward type, feel free to look around, listen for a while. We want you to know it's okay to watch.


Taking It Offline

While ButtSwap is a place to make friends and acquaintances, we encourage all members to act responsibly in choosing their offline interactions and in being conservative in the distribution of personal information, such as name, phone number, address and pictures. Because privacy is of the highest importance at ButtSwap, we do not require our members to submit to background checks. ButtSwap is not responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline, of any user of the Web site or member of the service.


Republishing Your Words

Because we are dedicated to sharing the best of the ButtSwap community with a broader audience, we may republish your word(s) and/or image(s) across other segments of our Web site. By making a submission to a public area on our Web site, you give us permission to republish your words and/or images. See the User Agreement "Public Areas" for more information


No Hate Here

Expressions and/or threats of bigotry, hatred, harassment and abuse are not tolerated on the ButtSwap Network. Bashers are subject to immediate removal from the site without notice.


Support Each Other

This is your community and we encourage you to interact with each other respectfully, peacefully and thoughtfully and in accordance with the law. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.


Welcome Newcomers: Remember what it was like to be new to the site yourself and how much of an impact those first few messages had on you. When you see new names, welcome them and show them around!


Don't Attack One Another: Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. Always "cease and report" when faced with a potential flame war. If another member says or posts something that offends or irritates you, think before responding! Our Team is here to support you. Rather than engaging in hostility, we ask that you Contact Us and report the behavior. We will take appropriate action to keep a civil, courteous and lawful atmosphere here at ButtSwap. We need your help to keep it courteous.


Keep It Kind: Again, hate speech is a violation of our user agreement and is taken extremely seriously. This type of communication subjects you to immediate and permanent termination of your account. If you feel a member is communicating disrespectfully to others, Contact Us.


Adult Content

By using the ButtSwap Site, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years old. This site is for adults only and contains adult images and graphic language not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.


Sex with Women

This site is dedicated to sex play between and among men. Heterosexual content is not acceptable and will be deleted without notice.


Dangerous Sex Play

Any content posted to the site portraying, displaying or promoting or engaging in any dangerous sex play is prohibited. Examples include the injection of drugs, using objects likely to inflict seroius bodily harm such as inserting bottles, other sharp objects, or other potentially dangeroius materials into the anus or other orifices. The definition of what is dangerous is often subjective. The owner and/or his delegates will have the final say in deciding what is dangerous if the issue is contentious.


Be Considerate

The time and energy of every member and staff member at ButtSwap is valuable.


Members who post commercial advertisements, including web pages that redirect users to membership-based pay-per-use sites, are subject to suspension and/or removal. To pursue a partnership with ButtSwap, Contact Us.


Copyrighted Info

Information copyrighted by an individual or entity other than the person posting or copywriter should never be posted or pasted within the ButtSwap community. In the event this does occur, the individual posting this information will be held responsible. ButtSwap cannot accept responsibility for this type of unlawful communication. For additional information, see the User Agreement.


Support Team

Based on the standards set in both the Community Guidelines and our governing User Agreement the ButtSwap Team reserves the right to hide inappropriate posts and/or images, suspend members and block select privileges.


Ask Us!

If you feel another member is violating the User Agreement or are uncertain whether your post could constitute a violation, do not hesitate to Contact Us. And remember, have fun!