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Welcome to ButtSwap! I'm Travis Hollister

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    April 21, 2016 7:30 PM PDT

    I'm the owner and moderator of this social networ. Here's a little about myself...

    First off ­I've never­ been arre­sted, inca­rcerated o­r committe­d. I am a ­responsibl­e and reli­able, low-­key, hones­t social k­inky as fu­ck kinda g­uy. I have­ a pretty ­serious an­d intense ­look about­ me, proba­bly due to­ 8 years i­n the Army­'s Militar­y Police C­orps and 4­ years in ­civilian l­aw enforce­ment in. A­ctually, I­ts a put o­n; I'm rea­lly a kind­ and consi­derate guy­. I'm quie­t at first­ when I'm ­around you­ but warm ­up quickly­ once I fe­el comfort­able with ­you and th­e situatio­n we are i­n. In grou­p situatio­ns it take­s a lot lo­nger.

    I have a f­airly stro­ng work et­hic raised­ to believ­e that a p­erson's wo­rth was ba­sed on act­ions, not ­how well h­e or she c­an talk th­e talk. If­ you say y­ou're goin­g to do so­mething, y­ou do it.

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    January 7, 2018 2:54 PM PST

    Greetings to all..... I joined a little while ago and haven't had a chance until today to post some extra photos of me.  I live in the Palm Springs area and would sure like to meet some other men that are into fisting, preferably versatile, but that's not set in I can top or bottom, depending on who I'm with.  Mostly enjoy small and medium sized hand in me, although there have been a few large in me, they're just not my favorite.  I do have large hands and like a big loose ass, but I've been known to open up some small asses too.  Have a sling that is usually set up and ready to go.  Am retired, so am available more than just nights and weekends.  Live alone.  I do like men with a good sense of humor and a lot of patience... 420, booze, and poppers are fine with me.  Other stimulants, let's talk.


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    February 15, 2018 12:01 PM PST

    Hi. I'm Neil,and have just joined this exciting website. I am looking for versatile fisting fun in England,especially Birmingham.

  • March 12, 2018 4:28 PM PDT

    I just found this site today.  I have been banned by asspig and bbrt for posting to get email address for men add to and RSVP site.  it makes its very easy to send a group email for my fuck parties

    I just hosted a hot session in Very Red Fort Wayne.  Hot ff bottom and a virgin ff top with me having over and hour working over the kokomos guys deep hot ass.

    Im hosting a few more parties on our up coming vacation.  On sept 26th are hosting a room and pool suck fuck and ff party in at the Holilday inn Express and suites.  We fly the next morning to Vegas.

    While in Vegas we will be hosting at the Signature and maybe a night at the Rio since the Rio has free parking and signature doesnt.    We will also take the lube and poppers to Hawks and entourage.  

    I will try to post the ff parties on here.